Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The reason why i re-access this blog of mine is to actually delete it permanently because i decided to change the server or site that i was using. well I actually started a few blogs on that site already but its none make up related. But when I checked the views on my blog, I was surprised.... I didn't know that people are really reading or just checking out my blog :) So okay, this blog stays... and i will continue to post here more of my works and possible product reviews. Let me share with all of you my journey and my works.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I've been using so many products as a make up artist and as a girl obessed with beauty... from the cheapest drugstore/department store to the super high end brands... but I was never impressed in one brand to the point that I can say that I so love ALL of their products. Until I met SNOE BEAUTY... I first met Ms Jen, owner of SNOE Beauty, during my first ever editorial project for Working Mom Magazine. I admit, I'm so nervous when I found out that the person that I'll be doing make up is actually an owner of a make up company. When Ms Jen sat on my chair and we started doing make up, all the fears and nervousness disappears. She was so lovable, pretty and generous specially with all the knowledge she has and experienced in the make up and beauty industry.
After that, I never thought that I'll be meeting Ms Jen again, until she invited me to be part of SNOE's 1st online commercial. She invited me to do make up for some models and interns, from beauty to smokey to avant garde make up. And not only that, she made me a model myself. Yes, together with other make up artists, I was part of the commercial. I cant wait for the release of that!
When me and my CMX family decided to join a bridal fair last June2013, SNOE became one of my sponsors. They were generous enough to give 10 of my lucky brides a loot bags of SNOE goodies... and its really GOODIES!!!! And guess what, my friends now call me Ms. SNOE :) Ms Jen and the rest of SNOE team, thank you so much! I love the products and I love the people of SNOE!!!!

Here Comes More Brides.... And More to Come.....

I love working with brides and making them super pretty on their big day! Here are some more pictures of the brides that I got to work with....
I will try my best to update you of the other brides that I was able to work with in this blog. But before that, allow me to thank all of my lovely clients, who are mostly from online forums and referals. Thank you for trusting me and making me part of your dream team. Yes, I am your make up artist... but I am also your friend, or even your best friend. More pictures of brides coming soon.....

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pearl Harbor Inspired Pre-nup Session

Warly Cunanan of Shutter One Photography once again invited me to be the make up artist of their client from a bridalfair. I love working with Warly because his pre-nups are all themed. I immediately said yes because this engagement session's theme is Pearl Harbor or 1940's. I'm so excited and really studied how the hair and make up of that era was (though it was thought in Make up school, i had to do some review) Our location, Sangli Point Naval Base in Cavite City. In this pre-nup, the client requested for an airbrush make-up. Ms Tickel, the bride-to-be, is so pretty. She's actually like the beauty queen Shamcey Supsup. The groom, Sir Macoy, is a PMA graduate and is currently serving our military forces. I'm not going to describe everything, but this is one shoot that I will never forget. It's my first time to ride and actual military helicopter and ship... So without further a-do, sharinf with everybody the pictures from this very memorable and fun pre-nup pictorial. So I'm not going to keep you guys waiting... here are some of the pictures from the said pre-nup.

Monday, January 14, 2013

United Make-up Artists of the Philippines

Last quarter of 2012, I was invited by a make up artist friend of mine, Elaine Palamos, to join a certain group of make up artist, UMAP or United Make-up Artists of the Philippines. At first I was hesitant to join because I'm scared that the other members are very good, very popular and "mataray" na MUAs (Make Up Artists). But Elaine, assured me that people in UMAP are nice. So I submitted the requirements and im super happy when I got their reply that I'm already a members! I haven't attended any meeting nor met any member, aside from Elaine, but I was already invited to join the group in a fashion show for a cause. I immediately said yes for I really wanted to do something for charity. The project is our group's collaboration with UP PGH. call time is 7AM at greenbekt 5. My knees are shaking as i make my way to the meeting area. But I was easily calmed down when members started saying hi to me :) They are all so nice!!! You will never feel any discrimination. Everybody became my friends. Here are some pictures taken from the fashion show.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Greek Themed Pre-nup

Shutter One Photography is one the photogrphers who helped me make it back to business... After taking a rest for a year, they are the one who collaborated with me with different photoshoots and pre-nups. I was invited by Warly Cunanan to be theor hair and make up artist in their Greek Themed Engagement Session with Sir Nonie and Ms Cye. Yes, the birde-to-be's name is also Cyrene. So here are some of the Behond the Scene pictures and Official pictures from the said e-session shoot.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Larissa Ide and Guido Adorno

I was invited by Shutter Click Photography Club to be their guest make up artist for a photoshoot with 2 Brazilian models, Larissa Ide (sister of actor Fabio Ide) and Guido Adorno, both from Mercator. The shoot was held at an old house/bar in Quezon City. I was asked to do a simple and day make up to both models. Here are some photos from some of the photographers who participated in the shoot including Mr. Bong Tindugan and Mr Emil Buencamino.